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Founder behind Blendery

Blendery is a superfoods startup based in Singapore. Our objective is to share our love of superfoods good for your body without compromising on taste and flavour. Using only the finest natural ingredients and utmost care in preparation, we produce nutritious latte blends that are sugar-free and dairy-free without adding any preservatives. Our superfood blends can be savoured anytime of the day and be added to granola bars, pancakes, smoothie bowls and baked treats, etc. Let your imagination run wild and create those healthy delicacies you always craved for!

What drove you to kickstart on your business?

It all started around 1 year ago where a foot fracture put me on a 2 months hospitalisation leave. The timing coincided with covid outbreak and lockdown. These sudden happenings literally brought my life to a standstill. On the positive side, this means I had plenty of alone time, so I looked into ways to recuperate quickly and move on with life. As someone who prefers natural healing methods, I began consuming healthier foods to speed up my recovery. Eventually, through a diet change and elimination of junk food, caffeine, sugar and bubble tea enabled me to get back on my feet earlier than expected. Having gone through this wonderful transformation, I thought that if I could create tasty yet healthy products, then more people could make the switch and experience the benefits just like me.


What is the story behind your brand?

We wanted to coin a simple yet catchy brand name known for superfood blends.


What are some of the main challenges you face?

Limited selection of suppliers and ingredients. We use organic, pure, sugar-free and preservative-free ingredients, so the options available locally are lesser and costs are much higher. Moreover, if we cannot find desired ingredients, we have to do more R&D to replace them to get the taste profile we want and yet offer something unique in the market.


Are there any new / upcoming products or projects we can anticipate?

We are in talks with potential F&B partners to introduce healthy beverages on their menu, so this is something you can forward to!


What are the 3 words you associate your brand with?

Healthy, Conscious and Unique.


What would you say sets you apart from other brands?

Brand communication. We broke away from those typical health food brands' messaging style which tend to bombard and overwhelm consumers with serious nutritional information. Instead, we convey superfood information in a fun and light-hearted manner to make it more digestible.


What motivates you to keep doing what you do?

Encouraging and postive feedback from customers.


What inspires your products?

After quitting caffeine, sugar, bubble tea and soft drinks, I really could not find a suitable beverage to indulge in that is not plain water. I believe there are others out there facing the same issue like me too. Thus, I thought it would be nice if I could create a superfood beverage mix to be enjoyed guilt-free anytime I want.


What other artists / crafters / brands do you wish to collaborate with?

All other F&B brands. We would love to offer a super healthy twist to their menus.

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