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Dan’s Bites

Meet Daniel


Founder behind Dan’s Bites

Established in 2019, Dan’s Bites is the first Brownie Crisp brand in Singapore. Our products are available in four flavours: Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Mixed Nuts, White Chocolate as well as a unique, one-of-a-kind Milk Tea flavour.


What drove you to kickstart on your business?

Back in 2015, while I was stationed overseas for work, I was fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to help a friend in starting a F&B venture overseas. That particular period in running a business was the salient moment in which my interest in entrepreneurship was ignited. Fast forward 3 years later, I decided to take a leap of faith and leave my job in the banking industry to escape the corporate rat race and moved on to pursue my interest in starting this company.


What is the story behind your brand?

I had the vision to create something unique and exciting that has never been introduced to the local market before, something with textures and flavours beyond one’s imagination. From my previous F&B venture, I saw a gap in the snack market for Brownie Confectionery, and this was when our creation, Singapore’s 1st Brownie Crisp, came to life. At Dan’s Bites, we strive to provide customers with the best in terms of quality and flavour. Our Brownie Crisp is a healthier snack alternative (with no preservatives or refined sugar) that our customers can indulge in with less guilt!


What are some of the main challenges you face?

It was extremely nerve-wrecking when Covid-19 initially hit. Given that the business started in late 2019, we were conducting a large number of roadshows to promote our new products then. Covid-19 disrupted our marketing plans and we were no longer able to hold roadshows which also gave us the opportunity to directly engage with our customers. This hit hard since our products were launched only a few months prior, and there were a lot of uncertainties surrounding what we should do next. We quickly moved on to acknowledge the reality of the situation and shifted our focus to digitalise our business as soon as possible. In a matter of 1 week, we were able to enhance our website to provide a more seamless customer experience, allocate more resources into digital marketing and advertising, as well as expand our online channels to multiple E-Commerce platforms. In the end, we were actually able to generate higher revenue during Covid-19, due to our strategic shift of focus and allocation of resources.


Are there any new / upcoming products or projects we can anticipate?

Currently, we are working on smaller packets of our Brownie Crisp for easy snacking and added convenience. We are also looking to expand our product range to include exciting local flavours such as Nasi lemak etc. We are also working on expanding our reach to cover every corner of Singapore as well as to venture into the overseas market, particularly within the Asian region.


What are the 3 words you associate your brand with?

Bold, Contemporary and Home-grown.


What would you say sets you apart from other brands?

TASTE! At the end of the day, as a snack product, it is all about taste and consumer preference. Using real imported Belgian Dark Chocolate, our Dark Chocolate Brownie Crisp range packs a punch and has a greater intensity of flavour (compared to other snacks that use cocoa powder). Not to mention, our products do not have preservatives or refined sugar, and is a healthier snack option – Our customers can indulge without too much of a guilt! Our exclusive Milk Tea flavour was also specially formulated to suit local taste buds. Furthermore, as a small local brand, while we are unable to leverage economies of scale and have large distribution networks like larger snack companies, we constantly push ourselves in identifying niche trends and seek to fulfil the latest consumer preferences in order to differentiate ourselves and to stay ahead of the curve.


What motivates you to keep doing what you do?

As cliché as it sounds, passion is what keeps me going. During the early stages of the business, I had to deal with multiple problems such as R&D, packaging, design, and more, with little F&B experience. While it was not easy, I kept a positive mindset and never gave up. I was also fortunate enough to meet experienced industry insiders along the way, who guided me through circumventing inherent challenges within the snack industry. Passion drove the hustler in me towards my goals and is a significant contributor to the growth of Dan’s Bites.

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