Fossa Chocolate

Fossa Chocolate

Meet Charis, Jay and Yilina

Founders of Fossa Chocolate


Introduction of yourself and your brand?

Bean to bar. We are Singapore's first bean-to-bar chocolate company based in a quiet corner in the Western part of our sunny island. Our small team of chocolate makers working very passionately to produce fine chocolate from sustainably-sourced cacao beans (from scratch! Instead of melting store bought couvertures). We focus on bringing forth the unique flavours that different cacao origins have to offer, roasting the beans, grinding and tempering in small batches and finishing them in hand packaged chocolate bars. The process is time consuming but we love it. I’m sure you will agree it is worth it after tasting the chocolate!

Quality & ethical sourcing.  All our cacao are sourced without human exploitation, and we say no to commodity grade typically used by industrial makers. We pay a premium to get our hands on the top 5% of the world’s cacao crops from farmers and distributors who care about quality and craftsmanship, so that you may enjoy the deep flavours and complexity of the natural cacao.

No additives & substitutes. Our Single Origin Dark Chocolates presented in its purest form with only two ingredients - cacao and sugar. We do not use any flavourings, vegetable oil, emulsifiers or chemicals to fill our chocolates. This caters to organic/vegan/health & wellness consumers.

Bold flavours. Our consumers know us for our ability to offer very surprising but mind-blowingly delicious flavours. Our Artisan Chocolates make use of ingredients you never imagined to be associated with chocolate. With new flavours launching every 1-2 months, we keep our customers excited and coming back for more.


What drove you to kickstart on your business?

Our story began when a few years ago, we tasted a Madagascar single origin plain dark chocolate bar and were hit by wonderful flavours of refreshingly tart raspberries and warm almonds. But when we took a look at the ingredient list, there were only two - cocoa beans and sugar. It was then that we realised that there is so much more to cacao than what we are used to; the taste of chocolates could be so one-dimensional with commercial bars yet so flavourful with the craft chocolates. It really opened our eyes to how craft chocolates can have such flavour clarity - so different from the usual mass-produced industrial chocolate we grew up with. 

We’re geeky people and love to find out how things are made and try making them. Naturally we started making chocolate at home, roasting in our tiny oven and hand-peeling the beans. The slow making process provided much joy and made us understand that it’s a craft that requires full dedication. Hence we started Fossa Chocolate to deep dive into this new found obsession.  


What is the story behind your company name?

We wanted a name that resonates with what we do and relates with how we started. Fossa is an animal that is unique to the forests in Madagascar – the same origin of the craft chocolate bar we tasted years ago that inspired our journey.

The Fossa is also nimble, agile and well known for its fierce and wild personality. This is similar to our approach in chocolate making, where we constantly challenge ourselves to create bold but mind-blowingly delicious flavours. Our Artisan Chocolates make use of ingredients you never imagined to be associated with chocolate. With new flavours launching every 1-2 months, we keep our customers excited and coming back for more. 


Are there any new or upcoming products we can anticipate?

Over this circuit breaker period with many events cancelled, we found ourselves with pockets of time to experiment with chocolates and confectionery in ways that we never had a chance to. Over the next few weeks, you can look forward to a gradual roll-out of exciting limited release chocolates and other exciting products on our web store. 

Some of these exclusive bars are made with rare cacao, others with special processes that are usually too tedious to make. The flavours may be very different from the usual chocolates most people are used to, but we can assure that they will be delicious.

We have also launched a series of stay-home snack boxes which contains a variety of treats. Whether you're sending love over to a friend or stocking up your home pantry, let this box of handmade goodies tide you through stressful times.


What are some of the main challenges you face in your project?

There was no market for craft chocolate in Singapore when we first started out. The chocolate that we make is labour intensive and requires high quality ingredients that are sometimes difficult and expensive to source. In a market flooded with cheap mass-produced chocolate that people are used to, it is an uphill task to change consumers' and retailers’ mindsets that good chocolate should be priced reasonably higher. We have not fully overcome this challenge yet but we’re doing our best to make even better chocolates in the hopes that there will be more “ah-ha! this chocolate is so good, I know why it’s more expensive” moments for people 


What other artists / crafters / brands do you wish to collaborate with?

We wish to collaborate with like minded people who are in pursuit of fine quality and craftsmanship. Whether F&B related or otherwise, we are always on a lookout for how we can work with various experts in their fields to create interesting products or experiences for our customers.


What are the 3 words you associate your brand with?

Flavour driven, Experimental, Collaborative 


What is one food that you like / dislike?

This is tough, there’s just so many that we like. Anything that is fermented especially intrigues us. Beer, wine, whisky, cheese, kefir, kombucha, kimchi, you name it.


Which product do you consider a must-try for those who have yet to taste your products? 

We have a wide range of flavours that cater to different taste buds but if I had to recommend - our Honey Orchid Dancong Hongcha bar which has tasting notes of lingering lychee sweetness with a biscuity undertone, and the Salted Egg Cereal chocolate made with an inhouse recipe of salted egg cereal sprinkled over a special white chocolate that has been slowly caramelized to attain a blond colour and biscuit aroma. These are two very popular flavours that never fail to surprise first time-tryers and are very addictive!


Treat yourself to some chocolaty goodness from Fossa Chocolate, now available at komma @ PLQ Mall.


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