Meet Carol

Founder of LAGOM Singapore

Hi, I am Carol and LAGOM is Swedish for 'just enough'. The central focus of the brand is on sustainability, and adapting a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. The ultimate goal is to become zero-waste or less-waste (practically speaking) by kick-starting the journey today. 


What drove you to kickstart on your business?

I felt that life was empty and rather meaningless, especially with the barrage of news coverage on how the Earth was slowly being destroyed by human beings. It made me realise that my one individual action may be small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things but if enough individuals start to change their mindset, it can catalyse into action with big impacts. 


Are there any new / upcoming products or work-stops we can anticipate?

At this point in time with the whole situation, no, but I am looking at continuing my workshops once everything blows over!


What are some of the main challenges you face in your project?

The one challenge I faced when I first started out was the naysayers, some of whom used to be close friends. However, I can only trudge along and rely on the support and encouragement of my family and loved ones. 


What other artists / crafters / brands do you wish to collaborate with?

I follow a lot of local brands, many of whom are female bosses. I really admire their tenacity and passion, such as Kittea and Rough Beauty, and hope to be able to work in whatever ways we can together. 


What are the 3 words you associate your brand with?

Sustainable, Natural, Handcrafted


What would you say sets you apart from other similar brands?

I feel that wellness products can be crafted at home by anyone if they set their hearts to it, and people who choose to purchase instead, prefer the convenience of doing so. Hence I always keep my products at reasonable pricing so long as quality ingredients go into their making. 


What motivates you to keep doing what you do?

My loved ones, and knowing that I can produce less waste. 


Which product do you consider a must-have for those who are new to your product?

The essential-oil rollers. The recipes have gone through many rounds of experimentation, and the natural ingredients are harnessed specially for its benefits to us. 

In light of the current situation which caused you to be unable to go for your favourite spa and miss the feeling of being pampered? Don’t worry as you’re in for a treat!


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