Papercranes Design

Papercranes Design

Meet Aeri

Designer and Maker behind Papercranes Design

I have a passion for elegant stationery and delightful designs, and I love sharing them with people who cherish the special moments in life. Based in sunny little Singapore, Papercranes Design is a brand that specializes in infusing beauty and creativity into everyday life through elegant stationery and lifestyle products.

What drove you to kickstart on your business?

I have always turned to sketching and painting as my favourite creative outlets when the going gets tough. This led me to Papercranes - a platform born out of the calming, therapeutic sessions I spend with my pen and paper. As an avid stationery enthusiast, Papercranes is my aspiration to fill the market gap by introducing joyful, inspiring stationery and artisanal lifestyle designs for nature and stationery-lovers like myself. 


What is the story behind your brand name?

I wanted the word ‘paper’ incorporated into the brand name since I work mainly with paper both as a medium and product material. As I'd started out dabbling in designing typography and inspirational quotes, the symbolism of paper cranes seemed pretty fitting for a stationery and lifestyle brand with the intention to inspire and bring joy to others.


Are there any new / upcoming products or projects we can anticipate?

This year, I will be bringing in a wider range of new stationery designs including planners and journals catering to various lifestyles, as well as a restock of some of our popular designs so do look out for that!


What are some of the main challenges you face in your project?

As with small businesses, I struggle with producing in scale and pricing my merchandise competitively with other larger mass-market brands, but ultimately, I hope that consumers appreciate the value of artisanal, locally-designed and small-batch products.


What are the 3 words you associate your brand with?

Elegant, Botanical, Inspiring.


What would you say sets you apart from other brands?

I am versatile with various mediums, but with a distinct style and consistent attention to detail in my works. 


What motivates you to keep doing what you do?

Knowing that I might be able to inspire or brighten someone's day through my works is what brings my joy and keeps me going.


What inspires your art creations or products?

Inspiration tends to strike at the most unexpected moments and sometimes just from daily experiences and interactions, but I most frequently draw inspiration from nature - be it plants, creatures, or even natural scenery.


What other artists / crafters / brands do you wish to collaborate with?

I would love to design product packaging for botanically-focused skincare brands, or fabric pattern design for a clothing line! Regardless of whom, my ideal collaborator should always be one whose style and values I align and resonate with.

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