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Qwerky Colour

Qwerky Colour

Meet Qi Wen

Founder of Qwerky Colour

Qwerky Colour specialises in non-damaging, semi-permanent hair dyes that are formulated using plant based ingredients, without any harsh chemicals like ammonia, peroxide and alcohol that damages your hair. 


1. What drove you to kick start this company?

Qwerky Colour seeks to help everyone achieve their hair goals in the best means possible. We are here to tell everyone that it is possible to have it all, beautifully coloured hair that is healthy and easy to maintain. 


2. What is the story behind your company brand?

I have a true love for colourful, beautiful and healthy hair and I have been dyeing my hair for many years. I started off going to salons but my experience was never pleasant, so I turned to self-dyeing. I tried out many brands but I was also never able to find the perfect product for me. And so, I decided to create my own brand of hair dyes.


3. What are some of the main challenges your company faced?

Time was initially a challenge for me. I was still working full time when preparing and during the first 5 months of Qwerky Colour’s launch so my time and attention was split. But I feel truly blessed because the overwhelming support from our Qwerky Gang allowed me to leave my full time job and focus solely on Qwerky Colour from now on.


4. Are there any new/upcoming products/projects we can anticipate?

We have many exciting things planned but its a secret..Do follow us on our socials to stay up to date!


5. What are the three words that associate your brand with?

Definitely Quirky, Fun, Authentic 


6. What would you say sets you apart from other brands?

Our brand is founded by someone who understands the wants and concerns of their customers which is why we have gotten so much good feedback  

7. What motivates you to keep doing what you do?

I love seeing our customers wearing Qwerky Colour! Speaking to them and getting their feedback is the best part. 
Follow @qwerkycolour for their latest updates and new launches or purchase them off our shelves in kómma too!


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