Sonder & Two

Sonder & Two

Meet Jo & Mish 

Founder of Sonder & Two

Sonder & Two mindfully handcrafts 100% pure essential oil related products such as rollers, diffusers and candles. We also bring in diffusing accessories etc. to support a natural and toxic free aromatic lifestyle. We believe in taking moments for self-care, to breathe in and breathe out.


1. What drove you to kick start this company?

Sonder was started by 2 best friends - Jo & Mish. Jo started using essential oils due to her PCOS condition, and has been an essential oil user for more than a year. She started out with her own page @oilromatherapy,  introduced it to Mish and the rest is history. 


2. What is the story behind your company brand?

Sonder is the realization that everybody around you, even strangers, are living a life just as complex as yours. We created these little tributes to support your unique state of mind while on-the-go or when you’re at home. So take a moment to breathe in, breathe out. Let the products work their magic for your unique state of mind.

3. What are some of the main challenges your company faced?

Jo & Mish are both full time employees and to be honest, it's tough trying to juggle everything at the same time.

We wish we have more than 24 hours a day where we can distribute more to balance work, family, me-time and Sonder.

4. Are there any new/upcoming products/projects we can anticipate?

Yes, definitely! We are looking at exciting new blends and candles coming this year. Maybe an essential oil body scrub 

5. What are the three words that associate your brand with?

Pure, clean, natural.


6. What would you say sets you apart from other brands?

Quality is key and we are very mindful of the ingredients that we use, meticulously making sure that they are all natural and pure and of high standard. If it is something that we won't use on ourselves, then we won't sell them either as we believe that our customers deserve the best. All our products are blended and crafted in small quantities at a time to ensure that each product gets the maximum love and care from us. 

7. When and how did this idea of making the products come about?

We started by making DIY rollers for our friends and family and they loved it so much and suggested that we started selling them. While essential oil rollers were our first baby, diffusers and candles came about as we both love having a nice scented home (especially since we started spending more time at home during the last two years) and feel that lots of people do too!

8. What motivates you to keep doing what you do?

The heartwarming messages and encouragement from our customers is what keeps us moving. Hearing that our products have helped in their well-being and lifestyle makes us so happy and motivates us to improve and continuously try out new ideas and products to cater to all our customers.


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