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Meet Fiona 

Founder of Soul Blissful 

Soul Blissful started when a group of like-minded ladies decided to pursue their passion in preserving botanicals in resin. We hope to heighten the joy of gifting and if possible, share our skills with others who are interested to learn about resin art. And so our journey to create amazing yet affordable resin gifts with a focal collection that appreciates the beauty and strength of nature began. Every single piece is unique and charming.

1. What drove you to kick start this company?

Our love for creating resin products as meaningful gifts for family and friends following requests for customised designs lead us to see this as a potential business opportunity


2. What is the story behind your company brand?

Soul Blissful started when we wanted to take our passion for flowers, plants and leaves a step further as in how we can preserve these botanicals. We also thought of how we can share this joy of creating and gifting art and nature.


3.What are some of the main challenges your company faced?

Establishing a recognisable brand image both on social media as well as through consignment platforms.


4.Are there any new/upcoming products/projects that we can anticipate?

Different range of coasters, trinket trays, soap dishes, wine caddies and butler trays.


5.What are the 3 words that associate your brand with?

Art, Botanicals and Keepsakes


6.What would you say sets you apart from other brands?

We work with florists for their unwanted botanicals, the flowers and leaves that they would have otherwise discarded, we dry them, press them and preserve them in resin.

Our attention to details ensures that every single piece we create is unique.

We value feedback and strive to improve our products and designs even as we search for different varieties of botanicals, in a kaleidoscope of colours to add to our creations.


7.When and how did this idea of products come about?

We chanced upon Resin Art when one of us attended a corporate workshop on Resin Jewellery Making. We started to find out more about the Art and from there, we started learning about preserving, drying and pressing botanicals; creating lifestyle products with resin and these botanicals.


8.What motivates you to keep doing what you do?

When we receive compliments from our customers and when they tell us how much they love our products.

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