komma for events

Looking for a space?

kómma is about people coming together for a connected purpose. Suitable for workshops, sharing sessions, birthday parties, solemnisations and more, talk to us today to find out how you can book our space for your special event!

Weekday Charges

Non-Peak ($300/hr)
10am - 12pm
6pm - 10pm

Peak ($400/hr)
12pm - 6pm

Weekend Charges


Peak ($400/hr)
10am - 10pm


Peak ($400/hr)
10am - 6pm

Non-Peak ($350/hr)
6pm - 10pm

Capacity for 36 pax

This is something that we cannot commit to at the moment as the regulations for gathering have been rather fluid this year depending on the number of cases. However, kindly note that intermingling between tables is not allowed! The capacity limit is something we have to revisit closer to your booking date.

Renting Our Space

Do kindly note that the booking of our space will need to have a minimum of two hours rental duration and we do have a minimum cafe spend of $18 per pax that we charge on top of the venue rentals as well. Here's our e-menu for your consideration: https://www.komma.sg/menu

Request for Quote

Be it team-building sessions, birthday parties or other private events, Kómma is the perfect place to create memories with families and friends!

Write to us with details of your event, including event date, time, purpose and any questions you might have - we'll be happy to chat with no obligations.